Zen Restaurant Chef Hideki Hayashi

Hideki comes from Fukuoka City in Kyushu, Japan which is famous for its’ live seafood cuisine. Influenced by his Father, also a Chef, Hideki started cooking in the kitchen at home at the age of 6. After graduating from High School he began his career as an Apprentice at Sushi Kappou in Nakasu, a high end traditional sushi restaurant.

After completing his Apprenticeship, Hideki worked in various traditional Japanese restaurants both independent and within 5 star hotels. He earned the highest achievement certificate in Blow Fish handling (one of the most difficult Chef qualifications in Japan). He also mastered the handling and cooking of live fish (traditional Kaiseki) and is an acclaimed Sushi Chef.

Hideki came to Australia to improve his wind surfing skills but ended up staying and working for various hotels and restaurants until the opportunity to take over Zen Restaurant came along in 2008. Hideki’s dishes are unique to Zen, incorporating and showcasing Hideki's 32years of experience as a Master Japanese Chef.

Hideki looks forward to welcoming you to Zen as he would a guest in his own home. Hideki has placed a family name plate (Hyosatsu) at the entrance of Zen to show and remind him that this is not just his place of work but also his home and you are his precious friend and guest.

Please enjoy Hideki’s warm welcome and make yourself at home.